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Bakersfield Course Reviews

Bakersfield College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHDV B70NCIntroduction to Careers in Early Childhood Education00000
COMP B42Web Design: HTML & CSS00000
AUTO B49Automotive Air Conditioning00000
CADM B71GAdvanced Report Writing00000
BIOL B8Intro to Environmental Science00000
ART B7Acrylic Painting II00000
CNST B8Plumbing I00000
APPR B67-1Sheet Metal00000
AUTO B23Engine Assembly and Performance00000
APPR B65-4Plumbers/Steamfitters: D1-D400000
BSAD B61Human Resources Management00000
BSAD B252AComputer Keyboarding, Part 100000
ART B1Art Appreciation00000
CHDV B26Science, Arts & Mathematics00000
ANTH B5Native Peoples of North America00000
CHEM B30AOrganic Chemistry for Science Majors, I00000
ASL B2American Sign Language 200000
COMM B6Intercultural Communication00000
AGBS B5Agri Computer Applications00000
COMP B84Comptia A+00000
APPR B65-3Plumbers/Steamfitters: C1-C400000
AUTO B30Electrical and Electronic Systems00000
ANSC B4Dairy Production00000
BSAD B48WEOccupational Work Experience Education/Internship00000
ARCH B33Architectural Computer Practice00000
BSAD B66AComputer Keyboarding, Part 100000
BSAD B53AIntroduction to Accounting 100000
ART B12Ceramics III00000
BSAD B67CDocument Processing, Part 300000
ANSC B85Large Animal Diseases00000
CHDV B25Language, Literacy and English Language Development00000
ART B41Advertising Design00000
CHDV B23Working with Challenging Behaviors00000
ADMJ B72Peace Officer's Basic Academy00000
CHEM B1BGeneral Chemistry and Chemical Analysis00000
ASL B73Interpreting II00000
CNST B5Building Construction I00000
APPR B67-8Sheet Metal00000
COMM B11Skills for Online Presentation00000
ASTR B2Life in the Universe00000
COMM B7Organizational Communication00000
ACDV B84Math Skills for Academic Success00000
COMP B43Web Design: Javascript00000
AUTO B39Level 1 and Level 2 Smog Inspector Training00000
COMP B14Discrete Structures00000
AGBS B7Introduction to Agricultural Accounting00000
AUTO B11Introduction to Automotive Technology00000
APPR B249ECooperative Work Experience Education/Electricians00000
BIOL B18Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
ACDV B72Basic Arithmetic & Pre Algebra00000
BIOL B16General Microbiology00000
APPR B65OWOrbital Welding00000
BSAD B66CBeginning Keyboarding, Part 300000
ANSC B48WEOccupational Work Experience Education/Internship00000
BSAD B43Principles Of Management00000
ARCH B48WEOccupational Work Experience Education/Internship00000
BSAD B29Entrepreneurial Business Plan00000
BSAD B69Machine Transcription00000
ART B37Survey of Art Latin America00000
BSAD B49BOperations Management and Lean Principles00000
ANSC B94Caged Birds/Lab/Extc Anmls Med00000
BSAD B5Human Relations and People Skills00000
ART B46Advanced Photography I00000
BSAD B253ADocument Processing, Part 100000
ACDV B201CBasic Math Skills for Acadmic Success00000
CHDV B40Creative Art, Movement, and Music Activities for Young Child...00000
ART B35Survey of Western Art I00000
CHDV B49Child Health, Safety and Nutrition00000
ANTH B3Introduction to Archaeology00000
CHDV B53AEarly Childhood Education Adult Supervision00000
ART B24Digital Art Raster00000
CHDV B36Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum00000
ACDV B61Accelerated Reading00000
CHEM B1AGeneral Chemistry I00000
ASL B71Specialized Settings00000
CHEM B2AIntroductory General Chemistry00000
APPR B60-3Apprentice Inside Wireman00000
CNST B2Estimating and Scheduling00000
ASL B7American Sign Language Literature00000
CNST B3Construction Supervision and Project Management00000
ADMJ B62NCApplication of Transformational Policing Module 200000
COMM B4Persuasive Communication00000
ASL B66Introduction to the Interpreting Profession00000
COMM B9Health Communication00000
APPR B55-8Carpentry P.E.T.S.00000
COMM B1Public Speaking00000
AUTO B48WEOccupational Work Experience Education/Internship00000
COMP B2Introduction to Computer Information Systems00000
ACDV B280Strategies for Student Success00000
COMP B31CompTIA Network Security Security+00000
AUTO B34Advanced Engine Performance00000
COMP B32CompTIA Linux+00000
APPR B55-5Carpentry P.E.T.S.00000
AUTO B3Fundamentals of Automotive Management and Services00000
ACDV B70FVocabulary Improvement Strategies For Academic Success00000
ACDV B83NCWriting for Academic Success00000
ACDV B70EMemory Strategies For Academic Success00000
ANSC B10Horse Production00000
ARCH B21Architectural Design Fundamentals I00000
BSAD B253CDocument Processing, Part 300000