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AUM Course Reviews

Auburn University at Montgomery

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECHE 7524Research EC Mathematics II00000
ENGL 4060Theories in Composition00000
COMM 1010Intro to Human Communication00000
ECED 6390Prog. Plan. for School Couns.00000
COMM 4800Public Relations II00000
CLLS 4163Clinical Immunohematology II00000
ECON 6630Econometric Modeling and Forec00000
BIOL 4551General Entomology Lab00000
COMM 3020Visual Communication00000
BIOL 6070Immunobiology00000
ECED 3890Fundamentals of Counseling00000
CSCI 3400Data Structures00000
CHIN 1010Elementary Mandarin Chinese 100000
ECEL 4924Prof. Intern. Childhood Ed.00000
BIOL 4053Industrial Microbiology00000
ECON 4600Law and Economics00000
CMDS 4500Methods/Proc. in Speech Path00000
ENGL 0103Introduction to Composition00000
ANTH 6972Sp Top: Cultural & Social Chan00000
ENGL 4830Brit/AmerLit- Anthropocene Lit00000
BIOL 4932Directed Research00000
COMM 3800Public Relations I00000
BIOL 1028Organ, Adapt, Environ Lab Hon00000
CSCI 1200Fundamentals of Computing00000
BIOL 6800Perspectives Tropical Ecology00000
CSCI 6924Computer Science Internship00000
CSCI 4500Mobile Computing w/ MAC iOS00000
CHEM 3200Organic Chemistry II00000
ECED 6290Counseling Theory and Prac. II00000
BIOL 3250Epidemiology00000
ECED 7300Grief Counseling00000
CLLS 3433Methods of Drug Analysis00000
ECHE 4924Early Childhood Internship00000
ANTH 3330Anthro of Death and Dying00000
ECON 3710Econ. Forecast. Data Analysis00000
CLLS 4334Clinical Microbiology IV00000
ECON 6500Microeconomics Analysis00000
BIOL 4210Population Ecology00000
ELEM 7514Quan. Res. in LA 200000
CMDS 4600Intro Audiology & Hearing Dis00000
ENGL 3050Successful Writing00000
ACCT 6510Gov NFP Acctg. & Fin. Rep.00000
ENGL 4250American Film History I00000
COMM 2743Media Writing II00000
ENGL 4935Directed Creative Writing00000
BIOL 1017Cells, Molecules, Life Honors00000
COMM 3722Feature Writing00000
BIOL 6013Medical Microbiology00000
COMM 4010Public Argumentation00000
ACCT 6810CPA Prof. Cert. in Acctg.00000
COMM 6900Media Law & Ethics00000
BIOL 6350Cell Biology00000
CSCI 2200Discrete Structures00000
BIOL 2011Fundamentals Microbiology Lab.00000
CSCI 4250High Performance Computing00000
BUSN 3000Ethical Leadership Development00000
CSCI 6350Distributed Cloud Computing00000
CSCI 6000Algorithms Design and Analysis00000
CHEM 1101General Chemistry I Lab00000
CSIS 6033Computer & Software Security00000
BIOL 2111Human Anat and Physiol II Lab00000
ECED 6140Advanced Play Therapy00000
CHEM 3500Environmental Chemistry00000
ECED 6350Human Growth and Development00000
AFAS 4023Nat'l Sec Aff/Prep Active Duty00000
ECED 6914Practicum in Counseling00000
CLLS 3243Clinical Hematology I00000
ECED 7926Adv Internship in Counseling I00000
BIOL 4013WI Medical Microbiology00000
ECEL 7982M.Ed Comp. Exam00000
CLLS 4054Phlebotomy00000
ECHE 6924Prof Intship in Early Ch Ed00000
ACCT 6210Adv. Acct. Inf. Sys.00000
ECON 3110Intermediate Micro-economics00000
CLLS 4263Clinical Hematology III00000
ECON 4200Chinese Economy00000
BIOL 4071WI Immunology Lab00000
ECON 5550Health Economics00000
CLLS 4474Clinical Chemistry IV00000
ECON 6560Economic Analysis of Law00000
ANTH 4030Cultural and Social Change00000
ECST 2760Statistics for Social Sciences00000
CMDS 4560Speech and Hearing Science00000
ELEM 7526Current Iss & Res in Math 400000
BIOL 4500Freshwater Biology00000
ENGL 2570Survey of American Lit I00000
CMDS 4640Language and Cognition00000
ENGL 3070Introduction to Linguistics00000
ACCT 4380Taxation Serving the Community00000
ENGL 4120Writing Digital/Material Envir00000
COMM 2212Public Speaking00000
ENGL 4550Victorian Life Writing00000
BIOL 4700Wi Writing For Biology00000
COMM 3000Intercultural Communication00000
ACCT 3130Intermediate Accounting III00000
ACCT 5130Advanced Financial Accounting00000
AFAS 2013Team/Leadership Fundamentals00000
BIOL 2060Organismal Biology00000
BUSN 5120Managing Human Resources00000
CSCI 6140Unity 3D Video Game & VR Dev00000