AUM Course Reviews

Auburn University at Montgomery

BUSN 2750Business Statistics II00000
CLLS 3303Clinical Microbiology I00000
BIOL 2040Animal Nutrition00000
BIOL 4952WI Capstone Biology00000
BIOL 3301Genetics Laboratory00000
BIOL 1018Cells, Molecules, Life Lab Hon00000
CHEM 3201Organic Chem. II Lab00000
AFAS 3013Leading People/Effective Comm00000
BIOL 2200Biostatistics00000
AFAS 5013Field Training Prep Lab00000
BIOL 4580Ichthyology00000
BIOL 4061Environmental Microbiology Lab00000
ANTH 4940Field Archaeology00000
BIOL 6200Ecology00000
ACCT 6924Internship in Accounting00000
BUSN 6740Data Analysis for Managers00000
BIOL 2000Nutrition00000
CHIN 2010Intermediate Chinese 100000
ACCT 5320Taxation of Business Entities00000
CLLS 4174Clin. Immunohematology III00000
AFAS 4013Nat'l Sec Aff/Prep Active Duty00000
BIOL 3100Biology of Forensics00000
ACCT 6210Adv. Acct. Inf. Sys.00000
BIOL 4013WI Medical Microbiology00000
ANTH 2120Introductory Archaeology00000
BIOL 4520Wetlands00000
BIOL 4151WI Vertebrate Physiology Lab00000
ANTH 4100Biological Anthropology00000
BIOL 4800Perspectives Tropical Ecology00000
ACCT 6610Acct & Aud in Nonprofit Org00000
BIOL 6050Industrial Microbiology00000
BIOL 1001Intro Biology Lab00000
BIOL 6600Molecular Genetics00000
ACCT 4900Independent Study00000
BUSN 4970Special Topics/Japan Trip-I00000
BIOL 1028Organ, Adapt, Environ Lab Hon00000
CHEM 1201General Chemistry II Lab00000
AFAS 2013Team/Leadership Fundamentals00000
CHEM 4100Physical Chemistry00000
BIOL 2021Botany Lab00000
CHIN 4120Topics in Current Affairs00000
ACCT 3200Acct Information Systems00000
CLLS 3503Perspectives in CLS00000
BIOL 2100Human Anat. and Physiol. I00000
CLLS 4274Clinical Hematology IV00000
ACCT 5970Gov. Auditing & Internal Cntrl00000
BIOL 3010Microbiology00000
AFAS 4023Nat'l Sec Aff/Prep Active Duty00000
BIOL 3250Epidemiology00000
ACCT 3310Income Tax Accounting00000
BIOL 3800Wi Eco. Econ.What Color Is Grn00000
AFAS 5023Field Training Prep Lab00000
BIOL 4033WI General Virology00000
ACCT 6230Advanced Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL 4070Immunology00000
ANTH 3740Anthropology and Health00000
BIOL 4500Freshwater Biology00000
BIOL 4220Restoration Ecology00000
ANTH 3971Special Topics:Anthro of Death00000
BIOL 4551General Entomology Lab00000
ACCT 6520Gov. Auditing & Internal Cntrl00000
BIOL 4700Wi Writing For Biology00000
ANTH 4900Ind.St-Biological Anthropology00000
BIOL 4924Beer/Wine Internship00000
ACCT 4510Gov NFP Acctg. & Fin. Rep.00000
BIOL 5400Principles of Toxicology00000
BIOL 0006Bio Week00000
BIOL 6070Immunobiology00000
ACCT 6800Fin.Anal. & Integ.Bus.Concepts00000
BIOL 6350Cell Biology00000
BIOL 1011Cells, Molecules, Life Lab00000
BIOL 6800Perspectives Tropical Ecology00000
ACCT 3130Intermediate Accounting III00000
BUSN 4000Creativity and Innovation00000
BIOL 1021Organisms, Adapt., Environ Lab00000
BUSN 6100Business & Admin Communication00000
AFAS 1013Heritage/Values US Air Force00000
CHEM 1101General Chemistry I Lab00000
BIOL 1051Intro to Environmental Bio Lab00000
CHEM 3100Organic Chemistry I00000
ACCT 4970Spec.Topics/AGA Natl.Case/CCR00000
CHEM 3401Inorganic Chemistry Lab00000
BIOL 2011Fundamentals Microbiology Lab.00000
CHEM 4980Research in Chemistry00000
AFAS 2023Team/Leadership Fundamentals00000
CHIN 3030Chinese Conversation00000
BIOL 2030Zoology00000
CLLS 3153Clinical Immunohematology I00000
ACCT 2020Intro to Managerial Acct00000
CLLS 3403Clinical Instrumentation I00000
BIOL 2061Organismal Biology Laboratory00000
CLLS 4080WI Lab. Manage. & Educ.00000
AFAS 3023Leading People/Effective Comm00000
BIOL 2110Human Anat. and Physiol. II00000
ACCT 2000Essentials Of Accounting00000
ACCT 3110Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 4380Taxation Serving the Community00000
ACCT 6470Seminar in Auditing00000
ANTH 3800New World Civilization00000
BIOL 4350Cell Biology00000