Augusta Tech Course Reviews

Augusta Technical College

CIST 2921IT Analysis/Design/Proj Mgmt00000
CUUL 2130Culinary Practicum/Leadership00000
CE Code Bootcamp00000
CIST 2388Cross-Platform Mobile Program00000
CE EX192Microsoft Excel-Level II Inter00000
BUSN 2375Healthcare Coding00000
CRJU 1040Principles of Law Enforcement00000
AVMT 2210Reciprocating Eng Pwrplants I00000
CE PL/HVPlumbing/Hvac Training00000
BARB 1060Intro Color Theory/Color Appl00000
CIST 2342C# Programming II00000
CHEM 2211LOrganic Chemistry I Lab00000
BUSN 1410Spreadsheet Concepts & Appl00000
CIST 2454Cisco Connecting Networks00000
AVMT 1030Electricity & Electronics00000
COSM 1050Hair Color00000
CE ACAContractors Academy00000
CRJU 2100Criminal Justice Externship00000
AMCA 2110CNC Fundamentals00000
DENA 1390Dental Radiology00000
AVMT 2280Aircraft Pwrplnt Accessory Sys00000
CE BGEBADGE Training00000
AUMF 1150Introduction to Robotics00000
CE A103PLC II-Introduction to PLC00000
BARB 1100Barber/Styling Pract/Intern00000
CIST 2128Comp Spreadsheet Techniques00000
CHET 2110Chem Separations & Analysis00000
BUSN 1100Introduction to Keyboarding00000
CIST 2371Java Programming I00000
AUTT 2110Auto Light Duty Diesel Engines00000
CIST 2431UNIX/Linux Introduction00000
BUSN 2200Office Accounting00000
CIST 2601Implement Operating Sys Sec00000
AIRC 1080Heat Pumps & Related Systems00000
COMP 1000Intro to Computer Literacy00000
CAVT 1021Cardiac Cath Clinic I00000
COSM 1100Hair Services Practicum II00000
AVMT 2030Airframe Welding00000
CRJU 1400Ethics & Cult Perspect For CJ00000
CE WS03Workplace Spanish00000
CUUL 1110Culinary Safety and Sanitation00000
AGRB 2250Survey of the Animal Industry00000
DENA 1050Microbiology & Infection Ctrl00000
CE FP161FastCourse PowerPt 2016-Lev 100000
DENA 1470Dental Practicum II00000
AMCA 2170CNC Practical Applications00000
CE FE163FastCourse Excel 2016- Level 300000
BARB 1022Haircutting and Shampooing I00000
CE MTH6Master Timber Harvester-6hrs00000
AGSC 1001Introduction to Agriculture00000
CE A104PLC III- Intermediate00000
BARB 1082Adv Haircutting and Styling I00000
CHEM 1152LSurvey Org Chem & Biochem Lab00000
AUTT 1021Auto Electrical Systems I00000
CHEM 2212LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
BIOL 1111Biology I00000
CIST 1601Information Security Fund00000
CHET 2230Inorganic Chemistry00000
BIOL 2114Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CIST 2301App Development in Swift I00000
AUTT 2010Automotive Engine Repair00000
CIST 2352PHP Programming II00000
BUSN 1300Introduction to Business00000
CIST 2383User Experience00000
AIRC 1050HVACR Elect Comp & Cntrls00000
CIST 2412Microsoft Server Installation00000
BUSN 1440Document Production00000
CIST 2451Intro to Networks CISCO00000
AVMT 1010Aircraft Maint Regulations00000
CIST 2481AWS Cloud Architecting00000
BUSN 2250Busn Admin Asst Internship II00000
CIST 2612Computer Forensics00000
AGRB 2130Agricultural Policy00000
COFC 1011Overview of Bldg Constr Pract00000
CARP 1070Site Layout Footing&Foundation00000
COSM 1020Hair Care and Treatment00000
AVMT 2011Aircraft Wd Struct, Cov, & Fin00000
COSM 1080Physical Hair Svcs Practicum I00000
CAVT 1100Cardiac Cath Fundamentals00000
CRJU 1010Intro to Criminal Justice Tech00000
ALHS 1040Introduction to Health Care00000
CRJU 1065Community-Oriented Policing00000
CE P2010Intro. to Pharm. & Calcu. Reme00000
CRJU 2060Criminology00000
AVMT 2060Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems00000
CSSP 1010Central Sterile Process Tech00000
CE DRONECommercial Drone Pilot00000
CUUL 1220Baking Principles00000
AGRB 1100Introduction to Agribusiness00000
CUUL 2190Prin of Culinary Leadership00000
CE FE162FastCourse Excel 2016- Level 200000
DENA 1090Dental Assisting NBE Prep00000
AVMT 2260Engine Fuel&Fuel Metering Sys00000
CE RNSGAdult Nursing I00000
ACCT 2155Principles Fraud Examination00000
AGRB 1150Agricultural Finance & Credit00000
AIRC 1020Refrigeration Sys Components00000
AUTT 1040Engine Performance00000
BIOL 2113Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CIST 1305Program Design & Development00000