ASURAMS Course Reviews

Albany State University

EDUC 5540Curriculum Principles in STEM00000
ENGL 3312Survey of American Literature II00000
DANC 1850Ballet Technique II00000
EDRG 5595Diagnostic & Prescriptive Procedures in Reading Education00000
DMSP 1100Physics of Ultrasound00000
CSCI 1321Introduction to Programming in R and Python00000
EMTP 1126Cardiovascular I00000
COUN 5620Research and Program Evaluation for Counselors00000
DHYG 1121Dental Hygiene Lecture I00000
CRJU 3110Criminal Law00000
ECON 2105Principles of Macroeconomics00000
ECEC 3200Curriculum in Early Childhood Education00000
CRJU 6120Law Enforcement Operations00000
EDUC 4412Student Teaching in Senior High School00000
COUN 5531Career Development and Counseling00000
EMTP 1036Med. Emerg./Advanced EMT00000
CSCI 4211Systems Analysis I00000
ENGL 2131Survey/American Literature I00000
COMM 4320Radio Programming and Production00000
ENGL 4908Literary Criticism00000
CRJU 2600Juvenile Delinquency00000
DHYG 2210Dental Hygiene Lecture IV00000
COUN 5501Lifespan Development00000
DMSP 2200Superficial Structures and Pediatric Ultrasound00000
CRJU 4210Philosophy of Law and Punishment00000
ECEC 5527Science Experiences for Young Children00000
ECEC 4400Social Studies/Diversity/Language Arts00000
CRJU 5400Organization and Administration of Criminal Justice System00000
ECON 3205Economic and Business Statistics00000
COUN 5517Couples and Family Counseling00000
EDUC 3363Methods and Materials in Physical Education00000
CRJU 7004Criminal Justice Program Evaluation00000
EDUC 5443Educational Assessment in STEM00000
COMM 4210PR Cases & Campaigns00000
EDUC 7701Advanced Educational Research00000
CSCI 3132Database Management00000
EMTP 1120Practicum II00000
COUN 5550Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability I00000
ENGL 2105Creative Writing00000
DANC 1400Dance Production00000
ENGL 2406Literary Forms00000
ACCT 6141Municipal Accounting00000
ENGL 3799Special Topics in African American Literature00000
DANC 3860Ballet Technique III00000
ENGL 4980Internship00000
COMM 4570Internship00000
DHYG 1132Dental Hygiene Clinic II00000
CRJU 2900Criminology00000
DHYG 2310Dental Hygiene Clinic IV00000
COMM 3250Intercultural Communication00000
DMSP 1105Clinical Observations00000
CRJU 3410Criminal Justice Research00000
DMSP 2203Ultrasound in Review00000
COUN 5504Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling00000
ECEC 3352Health and Physical Education for Young Childeren00000
CRJU 4520Drugs and Crime00000
ECEC 5518Issues in Early Childhood Education00000
ECEC 4460Student Teaching in Kindergarten and Primary Grades00000
CRJU 4999Senior Seminar00000
ECEC 5551Understanding and Teaching Alg00000
COUN 5514Counseling Children and Adolescents00000
ECON 2201Survey of Economics00000
CRJU 6000Survey of Law Enforcement00000
EDAS 6719Residency I Building Level00000
COMM 4140Philosophy and Ethics of Communication00000
EDUC 2130Exploring Teaching and Learning00000
CRJU 6420Interviewing and Counseling00000
EDUC 3402Educ Preparation Practicum II00000
COUN 5520Multicultural Counseling Theory and Practice00000
EDUC 4481Internship in Secondary School00000
CSCI 1300Introduction to Computer Science00000
EDUC 5504History of Education00000
ACCT 6107Accounting Theory00000
EDUC 5591Practicum II: Internship00000
CSCI 2311Advanced Visual Basic Programm00000
EMTP 1029AEMT Practicum II00000
COUN 5540Prevention, Intervention, and Consultation00000
EMTP 1110Introduction to the Emergency Medical Services Profession00000
CSCI 4113Operating Systems00000
EMTP 1124Medical Emergencies II00000
COMM 4240Crisis Communication00000
ENGL 1101HHonors Humanities I00000
CSCI 4319Introduction to Machine Learning00000
ENGL 2112World Literature II00000
COUN 5598Internship II00000
ENGL 2142African-American Literature II00000
DANC 1750Modern Dance II00000
ENGL 3204Rhetoric and Adv Writing00000
ACCT 4111Auditing I00000
ENGL 3707Chaucer00000
DANC 2000Dance Performance II00000
ENGL 4304History of the English Language00000
CRJU 2210Intro. to Criminal Law & Procedure00000
DANC 4870Ballet Technique IV00000
ACCT 3101Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 4205Accounting Information Systems00000
COMM 3360Media Advertising and Sales00000
COUN 5510Assessment in Counselor Education00000
CRJU 4610Internship00000
ECEC 5500Early Childhood Development00000