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ASURAMS Course Reviews

Albany State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
FOSC 3200KBio Terrorism & Biotechnolgy00000
HIST 3516The Intellectual Tradition of Modern Europe00000
DANC 4000Dance Performance IV00000
ENGL 2131Survey/American Literature I00000
ECEC 5551Understanding and Teaching Alg00000
CSCI 1201Introduction to Computer Science00000
HHUP 3001Sports Nutrition00000
COMM 3330Advanced Communication Skills00000
DMSP 2201Clinical Observation and Practicum II00000
COUN 5506School Counseling Foundations00000
EMTP 1122Essentials & Operations00000
EDRG 5595Diagnostic & Prescriptive Procedures in Reading Education00000
CRJU 4530Comparative Criminal Justice00000
ENGL 4908Literary Criticism00000
COHP 2120Growth and Development for Health Professions00000
GEOG 3101Principles of Geography00000
CSCI 4344Computer Forensics00000
HHUP 4300Principles of Strength and Conditioning00000
BIOL 4002Research and Independent Study II00000
HITE 2610Professional Practice II00000
COMM 4260International Strategic Communication00000
ECEC 4400Social Studies/Diversity/Language Arts00000
BUSA 1105Introduction to Business00000
EDAS 5525School & Community Partnerships00000
COUN 5531Career Development and Counseling00000
EMTP 1034AEMT Practicum III00000
EDUC 4412Student Teaching in Senior High School00000
CRJU 3110Criminal Law00000
ENGL 1101HHonors Humanities I00000
CHEM 3252Biochemistry II00000
ENGL 3204Rhetoric and Adv Writing00000
CRJU 6000Survey of Law Enforcement00000
ESLG 0095ESL Writing00000
BIOL 3101KEnvironmental Biology00000
FREN 1001Elementary French I00000
CSCI 3211Computer Organization and Architecture I00000
HEDP 1165Mental Health00000
COMM 3120Media Aesthetics and Criticism00000
HHUP 3450Basic Athletic Training00000
DANC 1750Modern Dance II00000
HIST 2111Survey of American History I00000
ARAB 1001Elementary Arabic I00000
HITE 2100Health Record Content and Structure00000
DHYG 2210Dental Hygiene Lecture IV00000
HUST 1110Families and Other Systems00000
BIOL 4601KPlant Physiology00000
ECEC 3200Curriculum in Early Childhood Education00000
COMM 4570Internship00000
ECEC 5509Theories, Design, and Program Development In Early Childhood...00000
ARTS 2032Drawing II-Intermediate Drawing00000
ECON 3145Money, Banking and Foreign Exchange00000
COUN 5517Couples and Family Counseling00000
EDAS 6685School and Community Relations00000
BUSA 6100Independent Study In Business Administration00000
EDUC 3363Methods and Materials in Physical Education00000
COUN 5570Practicum00000
EDUC 6000Research I00000
EDUC 5443Educational Assessment in STEM00000
CRJU 2700Community Relations00000
EMTP 1110Introduction to the Emergency Medical Services Profession00000
CHEM 3151KQuantitative Analysis I00000
EMTP 1132Pathophysiology00000
CRJU 3530CRJU Ethics and Professionals00000
ENGL 2111HWorld LIterature I Honors00000
ARTS 3111Photography II00000
ENGL 2210Creative Writing00000
CRJU 5100Foundations of Criminal Justice00000
ENGL 3799Special Topics in African American Literature00000
CHEM 4111Junior Seminar00000
ENGL 5683American Romanticism00000
CRJU 6420Interviewing and Counseling00000
FOSC 2110Survey Of Forensic Science00000
ALHE 1036Medical Emergencies for the AEMT00000
FOSC 4170KBallistics of Firearms/Tool Mk00000
CSCI 2235Information System & Web Security00000
FTA 4005Intro Financial Data Analytics00000
COMM 2000News Writing and Reporting00000
HADM 4402Health Information Management00000
CSCI 4211Systems Analysis I00000
HHUP 2002Fitness Assessment & Interpret00000
BIOL 3501KPrinciples of Genetics00000
HHUP 3007Group Instructions00000
DANC 1000Dance Performance00000
HHUP 4091Intro Exerc Science Intern00000
COMM 3210Writing for Public Relations00000
HIST 1111HHonors World History I00000
DANC 2750Modern Dance II00000
HIST 3302Historical Methods II00000
ACCT 6101Accounting Analysis for Decision Making00000
HIST 4403The Afro-Americans in America Thought00000
DHYG 1121Dental Hygiene Lecture I00000
HITE 2200Healthcare Statistics00000
COMM 4205Theories and Strategies in Emerging Media00000
DMSP 1101Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Sonography00000
ACCT 4101Cost Accounting I00000
ALHE 1023AEMT Practicum I00000
ARTS 2280Art History Survey I00000
CHEM 2302KOrganic Chemistry II00000
CRJU 1100Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
EDUC 5540Curriculum Principles in STEM00000