APU Course Reviews

Azusa Pacific University

BUSI 576Business Internship00000
CINE 216Performance and Production00000
ART 615Modernism and Religion00000
BIOL 498Directed Research00000
AT 554Holistic Aspects of Athletic Training00000
ART 530Graduate Studio: Special Topics I00000
CHEM 300Quantitative Chemical Analysis - Theory00000
ART 105Ceramics I00000
AT 525Research Methods I00000
ART 253New Genre Art Forms II00000
BIOL 394Directed Research Internship00000
BIOC 380Biochemistry I00000
ART 406Ceramic Studio Processes00000
BIOT 600BMaster's Degree Project II00000
ANIM 204Layout Fundamentals00000
CCSD 581Foundations of Higher Education00000
ART 583Critique00000
CHEM 495Advanced Topics in Chemistry00000
ACCT 540Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation00000
CINE 335Cinema-TV Production II00000
ART 150Introduction to Art00000
AT 538Clinical Integration II00000
ALCI 43Intermediate Pronunciation00000
ATHL 301Varsity Baseball: Men00000
ART 315Printmaking II00000
BIOL 320Ecology00000
BIOL 152General Biology II00000
ART 383Graphic Design II00000
BIOL 465Practicum and Topics in Allied Health00000
ANIM 111Digital Methods00000
BIOT 514Probability and Statistics for the Biotechnology Industry00000
ART 501Integration: Theory and Practice I00000
BUSI 313Negotiation Strategies and Skills00000
ACCT 512Management Accounting00000
CCSD 551Introduction to College Student Affairs00000
ART 575Writing Art Criticism00000
CHEM 152General Chemistry II00000
ANIM 309Digital Concept Painting00000
CHEM 395Chemical Science Internship00000
ART 594Independent Studio00000
CINE 117Color and Design00000
ACCT 333Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)00000
CINE 317Cinematic Design00000
AT 469Health Care Administration00000
CINE 351Film and Social Issues00000
ALCI 32Academic Skills for Intermediate Learners00000
AT 531Examination, Diagnosis, and Interventions: Upper Extremity00000
ART 230Figurative Lab00000
AT 551Medical Conditions and Pharmacology00000
ACCT 427Auditing Principles II00000
AT 564Seminar in Athletic Training00000
ART 305Ceramics III00000
ATHL 307Varsity Football: Men00000
ALCI 47Biblical Foundations for ESL Learners00000
BIOL 102Introduction to Biology Laboratory00000
ART 341Painting III00000
BIOL 251Human Physiology00000
BIOL 220General Microbiology00000
ART 365Printmaking III00000
BIOL 346Regional Human Anatomy00000
ALCI 64Personal Leadership Development00000
BIOL 400Science and Children00000
ART 386Multimedia I00000
BIOL 495Advanced Topics in Biology00000
ACCT 506Cost Accounting00000
BIOT 511Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, and Toxicology of Biopharma...00000
ART 481Graphic Design IV00000
BIOT 517Clinical Trials00000
ANIM 1922D Character Animation I00000
BUSI 244Spreadsheets and Information Technology00000
ART 511Curriculum and Planning in Art Education00000
BUSI 496Senior Seminar: Business Ethics00000
ACCT 325Cost Accounting00000
BUSI 594Emerging Trends in Information Technology00000
ART 553Art History and Museum Education: 19th-century Europe and Am...00000
CCSD 567The Role of Diversity in Student Affairs Practice00000
ANIM 212Character Design I00000
CHEM 101Chemistry and Society00000
ART 580Critique00000
CHEM 252Organic Chemistry: Theory II00000
ACCT 525Accounting Ethics00000
CHEM 330Instrumental Analysis - Lab00000
ART 591Independent Studio00000
CHEM 411Physical Chemistry I Lab00000
ANIM 395Animation Film Workshop00000
CHIN 102Elementary Chinese II00000
ART 603Methods in Art Education Research00000
CINE 190Introduction to Animation Principles and Techniques00000
ABA 524Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis00000
CINE 274Story and Character00000
ART 622Art Education Master's Capstone II00000
CINE 321Film and Television Editing00000
ART 125New Genre Art Forms I00000
AT 522Foundations of Therapeutic Interventions: Lower Extremity00000
ABA 504Single-Case Designs: Measurement and Experimental Evaluation...00000
ACCT 121Principles of Accounting II00000
ACCT 502Financial Accounting00000
ALCI 55Grammar/Seminar Speaking 500000
ART 358History of Graphic Design and Illustration00000
BIOL 231Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000