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APU Course Reviews

Azusa Pacific University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 466Commercial Photography45332
PSYC 250Data Analysis in Psychology55551
CS 480Senior Capstone Project00000
AT 562Health Care Administration00000
EDCO 593Historical Development of School Counseling and School Psych...00000
COMM 502Writing and Media Content Development00000
ART 600Regional Modernism00000
DSGN 618Master's Capstone I00000
ART 306Ceramics IV00000
ATHL 314Varsity Water Polo: Women00000
ART 382Webpage Design I00000
CINE 462Advanced Cinema Production00000
COMM 335Leadership Communication00000
ART 555History of 20th-Century Art, Criticism, and Theory00000
CS 290Database Management Systems00000
ART 125New Genre Art Forms I00000
DSGN 380Writing 3: Visual Storytelling and Design Identity00000
AT 528Clinical Integration I00000
EDCO 545Positive Behavior Supports and Classroom Intervention00000
ALCI 46Presentation Skills00000
EDL 572School Improvement Leadership00000
ART 358History of Graphic Design and Illustration00000
CINE 362Entertainment Development00000
ALCI 55Grammar/Seminar Speaking 500000
CINE 490Internship and Career Preparation for Cinematic Arts00000
ART 431Gallery Design00000
CJ 240Introduction to Corrections: Jails and Prisons00000
COMM 203Communication Theory00000
ART 501Integration: Theory and Practice I00000
COMM 435Family Communication00000
ANIM 3922D Character Animation II00000
CS 125Introduction to Computer Science II00000
ART 583Critique00000
CS 440Mobile App Development00000
ALCI 32Academic Skills for Intermediate Learners00000
DSGN 121Design Fundamentals I00000
ART 625Master's Capstone II00000
DSGN 475Design Internship00000
ART 210Printmaking: Relief00000
ECON 357Economics Of The Developing World00000
AT 541Nutrition for Active People00000
EDCO 573Addictions, Assessment, and Interventions00000
ACCT 333Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)00000
EDL 569Case Study00000
ATHL 305Varsity Tennis: Men and Women00000
EDL 574Organizational and Systems Leadership00000
ALCI 48Capstone Project00000
CINE 321Film and Television Editing00000
ART 365Printmaking III00000
CINE 416Capstone Production Development00000
ACCT 501Principles of Accounting II00000
CINE 485Advanced Screenwriting00000
ART 406Ceramic Studio Processes00000
CINE 499Capstone Project in Cinematic Arts00000
ALCI 65Christianity and Contemporary Worldviews00000
CJ 280American Court System00000
ART 450Portfolio00000
CJ 351Criminal Procedure00000
CMUS 504Finance and Accounting for Music Entrepreneurs00000
ART 475Art Internship00000
COMM 300Research Methods in Communication00000
ANIM 309Digital Concept Painting00000
COMM 360Studies in Popular Culture00000
ART 511Curriculum and Planning in Art Education00000
COMM 495Special Topics00000
ACCT 540Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation00000
COMM 506Reputation Management00000
ART 577Visual Culture00000
CS 230Systems Programming and Operating Systems00000
ANIM 404CG Layout and Previsualization00000
CS 363Web Programming00000
ART 592Independent Studio00000
CS 460Software Project00000
ACCT 321Intermediate Accounting II00000
CS 496Writing 3: Ethics in Computer Science00000
ART 615Modernism and Religion00000
DSGN 281Graphic Design I00000
ART 170Sculpture I00000
DSGN 386Multimedia I00000
AT 521Orthopedic Assessment and Diagnosis I00000
DSGN 514UX Research A/B Testing00000
ALCI 43Intermediate Pronunciation00000
ECON 350Intermediate Macroeconomics00000
AT 535Data Analysis and Patient Outcomes00000
ECON 458Economics and Religion00000
ART 230Figurative Lab00000
EDCO 564School Counseling Fieldwork I00000
AT 554Holistic Aspects of Athletic Training00000
EDCO 575Clinical Practica00000
ABA 504Single-Case Designs: Measurement and Experimental Evaluation...00000
EDL 566Fieldwork Introduction and Practicum00000
ATHL 301Varsity Baseball: Men00000
EDL 570Visionary Leadership00000
ART 335New Genre Art Forms III00000
CJ 450Forensic Psychology for Criminal Justice Professionals00000
ATHL 310Varsity Soccer: Men00000
ABA 500ABA Fieldwork I00000
ABA 524Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis00000
ACCT 520Global Financial Accounting Standards00000
ANIM 117Color and Design00000