APSU Course Reviews

Austin Peay State University

ART 440IArt Internship Online Instruction00000
ART 3410Animation II Video Cnfrncng at Sched Time00000
AGRI 1410Plant Science Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ALH 1000Careers In Healthcare00000
AGRI 3460Greenhouse Management Face to Face and Online Instr00000
ACCT 2010Principles of Acct I Face-to-Face Instr Digital textbks incl...00000
ART 2320Graphic Design I Face-to-Face Instruction00000
CRJ 5230Criminal Just in Pop Culture Online Instruction00000
AGRI 3110Animal Health and Disease Online Instruction00000
MHA 5390Law, Policy and Advocacy Online Instruction00000
AGRI 4721Vet Tech Surgical Nursing Lab Face to Face and Online Instr00000
AGRI 4050Agriculture Policy and Trade Online Instruction00000
AAST 2250African Am Expressive Culture Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 324NHistory Of Native American Art00000
BIOL 4480Genomics and Bioinformatics Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 2000Art History Survey I00000
ACCT 4210Auditing Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 3220History Modern Art in Europe Face to Face and Online Instr00000
MHA 5420Leadership Development III Online Instruction00000
ART 3560Painting, Watermedia Face-to-Face Instruction00000
HHP 4550Pthophys and Exrcs RX Sp Pop Face-to-Face Instruction00000
AGRI 3360Dairy Production Management00000
MUS 3280Music Therapy Methods 3 Face-to-Face Instruction00000
AGRI 3725Vet Tech Practical Experience Face to Face and Online Instr00000
MUS 1250Class Voice Face-to-Face Instruction00000
AGRI 4501Farm Planning and Mgmt Lab Online Instruction00000
AGRI 4230Land Use Online Instruction00000
THEA 3360Musical Theatre Workshop II Face-to-Face Instruction00000
AGRI 4930Agricultural Marketing & Futures00000
WGST 2060Introduction to LGBTQ Studies Online Instruction00000
APSU 4010General Studies Capstone Online Instruction00000
AAST 4050The Social Meaning Of Race Hybrid00000
ART 410FSpec Top, Experimental Studio00000
HIST 4103The Making of Modern Science Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 1045Drawing I Face to Face Instruction00000
ACCT 3210Adv Technology for Accounting Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 2050Ceramics Face-to-Face Instruction00000
COMM 2310Small Group Communication Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 3140Art Education I Face to Face and Online Instr00000
ACCT 4900Special Problems in Accounting VITA : Service Learning00000
ART 3270History of Graphic Design Face-to-Face Instruction00000
CPSY 8090Special Topics in Counseling Psychology Occupational Health...00000
ART 3450Ceramic Sculpture Face to Face and Online Instruction00000
AGRI 2500Intro to Agri Business Face to Face and Online Instr00000
ART 3650Ceramics II Face-to-Face Instruction00000
MHA 5860Strategic Healthcare Mgt Online Instruction00000
AGRI 3220Soil And Water Conservation00000
HON 2510Ethnography of Work Honor and PELP students ONLY Face-to-Fac...00000
AGRI 3410Landscaping00000
CRJ 5150Correctional Ideology Online Instruction00000
AGRI 3711Veterinary Technology I Lab Face-to-Face Instruction00000
MHA 5560Healthcare Quality, Outcomes and Improvement Online Instruct...00000
AGRI 4010Agriculture Seminar Face-to-Face Instruction00000
NURS 6719Nursing Education Practicum Online Instruction00000
AGRI 4211Soil Mapping Lab00000
MUS 4425Comp and Improv for Mus Therapy Face-to-Face Instruction00000
AGRI 4450Honey Bee Bio and Beekeeping Online Instruction00000
AGRI 4350Horse Leg and Hoof Care00000
PSYC 7000Biological Aspects of Behavior Online Instruction00000
AGRI 4711Vet Tech Med/Critical Care Lab Face-to-Face Instruction00000
SW 6530Supervision in Social Work Online Instruction00000
AGRI 4750Preparation for the VTN Exam Online Instruction00000
AAST 300ASpecial Topic:The Social Meaning of Race: HYBRID00000
AGRI 5221Soil and Water Conservatn Lab Face to Face and Online Instr00000
ENGL 5002Teaching Engl 1010E Lab Practc Face-to-Face Instruction00000
APSU 1050Full Spectrum Learning Year 1 Face-to-Face Instruction00000
AAST 3020Sem African American Studies Face to Face and Online Instruc...00000
ART 324BST: Roman Art & Archeology00000
AGRI 4740Vet Tech Pharm Therapies Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 410AST: Acuff: Sonya Clark00000
ACCT 1010Principles Of Accounting I00000
ART 410PST: Paper Making00000
BIOL 5481Grad Genomics and Bioinfor Lab Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 1030Art Appreciation00000
ACCT 3020Intermediate Accounting II Face to Face and Online Instr00000
ART 1340Foundations Studio I Face-to-Face Instruction00000
BIOL 5336Microbiology Pathology Lab Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 2030Printmaking I Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ACCT 3610Forensic Accounting Face to face and Online Instr00000
ART 2080Photo I for Non-Art Majors Face-to-Face Instruction00000
LING 4041How Words Work Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 2520Typography I Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ACCT 4320Corporate and Bus Entities Tax Online Instruction00000
ART 3170Digital Media II Video Cnfrncng at Sched Time00000
CPSY 8620Trma & Reslnce Thrs and Intrvn Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 3240Art History of Photography00000
AGRI 1040Environmental Science Online Instruction00000
ART 3340Drawing III Face-to-Face Instruction00000
BIOL 3200Women and Science Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 3430Printmaking II Face-to-Face Instruction00000
AGRI 2211Soils Lab Face-to-Face Instruction00000
ART 3530Printmaking III Face to Face and Online Instr00000
CRJ 5420International Terrorism Online Instruction00000
AGRI 3050Agri Leadership, Edu and Comm Online Instruction00000
AGRI 3740Veterinary Tech Dentistry Hybrid Face-to-Face and Online Ins...00000
BIOL 5335Microbiology Pathogenesis Face-to-Face Instruction00000
CRJ 5350Ethics in the Crim Just System Online Instruction00000
PSYC 4160Methods of Behavior Analysis Face-to-Face Instruction00000
POLS 4300Judicial Politics and Behavior Online Instruction00000
AGRI 4421Forestry Lab Face to Face and Online Instr00000