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Angelo State Course Reviews

Angelo State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSY 2319Social Psychology55551
BIOL 5441Parasitology00000
CRIJ 3340Legal Issues in International Relations00000
CS 4314Computer Networking00000
COMM 6371Internship00000
BIOL 3301Genetics00000
CRIJ 6389Capstone Seminar in Criminal Justice00000
AS 4113Leadership Laboratory00000
ASCI 4345Animal Behavior & Welfare00000
BOR 3101Introduction to Homeland Security00000
BOR 4330Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Planning00000
COMM 6308Small Group Communication00000
BIOL 1309Man and the Environment00000
CRIJ 2328Police Systems and Practices00000
ARTS 4370Advanced Computer Application in the Graphic Arts00000
CRIJ 6301Seminar in Homeland Security00000
BIOL 4381Zoonotic Diseases00000
CS 3304Computer Organization and Programming00000
AGSC 6300Technology Transfer and Leadership Methods in Agriculture In...00000
CSRF 6304Coaching Psychology00000
ASCI 3342Applied Animal Nutrition00000
BOR 3340Legal Issues in International Relations00000
ARTS 2316Painting I00000
ASCI 6381Advanced Breeding and Genetics00000
COMM 2330Introduction to Public Relations00000
COMM 3336Social Media Management00000
COMM 4379Communication Internship00000
AT 6405Phys Exam Diag Mgmt Inj I Lab00000
COMM 6318Communication in Professional Life00000
ARTS 3361Printmaking I00000
CRIJ 1306Courts System and Practices00000
BIOL 2124Human Physiology Laboratory00000
CRIJ 3306International Drug Trafficking00000
AGEC 6335Risk Management00000
CRIJ 4345Federal Immigration Law00000
BIOL 3413Immunology00000
CRIJ 6332Criminal Justice Theory00000
AS 2111Leadership Laboratory00000
CS 1337Computer Science II00000
BIOL 4441Parasitology00000
CS 3372Handheld Game Development00000
ACCT 6381Taxation of Flow-through Entities00000
CS 6314Computer Networks00000
BIOL 6304College Science Teaching00000
CSRF 6310Sociology for Sport, Fitness, and Recreation00000
ARTS 1305Art and Film00000
BOR 3309Information Security and Protection00000
ASCI 4191Research00000
BOR 4301Critical Communications Infrastructure00000
AG 6400Experiential Learning in Agriculture Industries00000
COMM 1311Fundamentals of Human Communication00000
ASCI 6339Advanced Reproductive Physiology00000
COMM 3311Small Group Communication00000
ARTS 2372Graphic Illustration00000
AT 6175Athletic Training Research Project I00000
COMM 3352Communication in Professional Life00000
COMM 3363Electronic News Gathering and Production00000
COMM 4364Media Management00000
AT 6320General Medical Conditions and Advanced Patient Care00000
COMM 6302Quantitative Research Methods00000
ARTS 3323Watercolor II00000
COMM 6315Race, Gender, and the Media00000
BIOL 1108Human Biology Laboratory00000
COMM 6326Seminar and Practice in New Media00000
AGEC 4381Food and Agricultural Sales00000
COMM 6399Thesis00000
BIOL 1409Man and the Environment00000
CRIJ 2314Criminal Investigation00000
ARTS 4324Painting III00000
CRIJ 3303Theory and Practice in the Juvenile Justice System00000
BIOL 2420Microbiology for Non-Science Majors00000
CRIJ 3312Criminal Justice Administration00000
ACCT 6325Financial Statement Analysis00000
CRIJ 4310Community Corrections00000
BIOL 3411General Microbiology00000
CRIJ 4360Police Personnel Management00000
ARTS 4391Research-Painting00000
CRIJ 6320Studies in Terrorism00000
BIOL 4291Shannon Medical Internship00000
CRIJ 6372Seminar in Corrections00000
AGSC 3313Management of Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs00000
CS 1315Fundamentals of Programming00000
BIOL 4412Biological Oceanography00000
CS 2315Data Structures And Algorithms00000
AS 3113Leadership Laboratory00000
CS 3352Theory of Algorithms00000
BIOL 5301Conservation Biology00000
CS 4302Operating Systems00000
ACCT 3361Income Tax Accounting00000
CS 4340Offensive Security Techniques00000
BIOL 6191Research00000
CS 6318Artificial Intelligence00000
ASCI 2242Livestock Practicum00000
COMM 4311Advanced Interpersonal Communication00000
BIOL 6391Research00000
ACCT 3303Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 6301Advanced Management Accounting00000
AGEC 4306International Agricultural Trade and Marketing00000
ARTS 3315Italian Renaissance Art00000
AT 6205Athletic Training Clinical Experience I00000