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Andrews Course Reviews

Andrews University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHMN 560Theological Field Education00000
COMM 446Gender Communication00000
BIOL 222Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CHIS 640Reformation: Luther00000
BIOL 584Animal Behavior00000
AVMT 314Aircraft Propellers and Engine Inspections00000
CHMN 778Church Growth And Discipleship In The Urban Church00000
ARCH 150Intro to Architecture00000
BIOL 450Neuropsychopharmacology00000
ARCH 442Integrative Design Studio00000
CHEM 412Seminar in Chemistry00000
BSAD 397Top:Brand Management00000
AVIA 140Welding Technology00000
CHMN 507Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministry00000
ANSI 340Prod/Mgmt: Equine00000
CHMN 629Sacred Music in the African-American Tradition00000
BHSC 498Research Project in Behavioral Sciences00000
CIDS 660Thesis Continuation00000
AFLT 426Multiengine Flight Training00000
CPTR 493Practicum00000
ARCH 305Structures II00000
BIOL 530Molecular Laboratory Techniques00000
AGRI 137Practicum in______00000
BSAD 104Introduction to Business00000
ARCH 522Visiting Critic/Topic Studio:00000
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry Lab I00000
BSAD 505Survey of Operations Mgmt00000
ART 495Independent Reading/Project00000
CHIS 504Adventist Heritage00000
ANEA 510Archaeology and the Bible00000
CHIS 885Topics In Adventist Studies00000
AVMT 204Aircraft Electrical Systems00000
CHMN 538Bilingual Ministry00000
AFLT 324Flight Training 800000
CHMN 588Seminary Chorus00000
BHSC 225Global Social Issues00000
CHMN 660Field Practicum00000
ANTH 124Introduction To Anthropology00000
CIDS 524Humanitarian Studies: Theory and Practice00000
BIOL 110Principles of Biology00000
COMM 280Voice & Diction00000
ACCT 620Financial Statement Analysis00000
CPTR 430Analysis of Algorithms00000
BIOL 372Cell and Molecular Biology00000
DSGN 150Web Design I00000
AFLT 430Crew Resource Management00000
BIOL 484Animal Behavior00000
ARCH 370Person-Environment Theory00000
BIOL 559Entomology00000
AFLT 121Flight Training 100000
BIOL 681Rsrch Methods & Biol Seminar I00000
ARCH 469Integrative Design II00000
BSAD 355Principles of Management00000
AGRI 308Principles Of Weed Control00000
BSAD 475Operations Management00000
ARCH 599Independent Research00000
CHEM 195Independent Research I00000
BSAD 643Quantitative Methods in Business Decisions00000
ART 305Painting II00000
CHEM 405Medicinal Chemistry00000
AGRI 468International Agricultural Implementation00000
CHEM 441Physical Chemistry Lab I00000
ARTH 325Prehistoric to Medieval Art00000
CHIS 574History of Seventh-day Adventist Theology00000
AFLT 305Commercial Pilot Ground School00000
CHIS 685St Chrch Hstry:Rdg Bbl 500CE00000
AVMT 108Applied Science for Aerospace Technicians00000
CHIS 895Directed Reading in Adventist Studies00000
ANEA 640Research, Method And Theory In Archaeology00000
CHMN 525Hispanic-American Culture and Challenges00000
AVMT 237Aircraft Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Landing Gear Systems00000
CHMN 552Foundations of Pastoral Ministry00000
ACCT 476Accounting Information Systems00000
CHMN 568Learning in Professional Experience00000
BCHM 422Biochemistry II00000
CHMN 607Preaching from the Old Testament00000
ANSI 425Issues in Animal Agriculture, Research and Medicine00000
CHMN 637Seminar in Preaching00000
BHSC 378Study Tour: MPA00000
CHMN 747Christian Leadership00000
AFLT 364Basic & Adv Ground Instructor00000
CHMN 890Directed Rdgs in Church Min00000
BIBL 313Greek III00000
CIDS 565Institutions in Development00000
ANTH 440Top:What is Other?00000
CIDS 698Research Project00000
BIOL 166Foundations of Biology00000
COMM 375Professional Presentations00000
ACCT 330Cost & Managerial Acct00000
CPTR 151Computer Science I00000
BIOL 305Scientific Communication00000
CPTR 465Computer Architecture00000
ARCH 202Construction II00000
BIOL 449Historical & Philosophical Bio00000
ACCT 122Principles of Accounting II00000
ACCT 465Auditing00000
AFLT 226Flight Training 300000
AGRI 395Internship in ___________00000
ART 107Ceramics I00000
CHEM 120Intro to Biotechnology00000