Andrews Course Reviews

Andrews University

BIOL 681Rsrch Methods & Biol Seminar I00000
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
ARTH 345History Of Graphic Design00000
BIOL 459Entomology00000
BCHM 421Biochemistry I00000
ARCH 536Professional Practice I00000
BSAD 498Ind Rdgs/St:00000
ANSI 379Small Animal Health and Disease00000
AVMT 206Powerplant Electrical Systems00000
ANTH 417Cultural and Developmental Anthropology00000
BIOL 315Developmental Biology00000
BHSC 498Research Project in Behavioral Sciences00000
ARCH 435Intro to Building Info Model00000
BIOL 554Vertebrate Zoology00000
AGRI 498International Internship in___________________00000
BSAD 380Healthcare Foundations00000
ART 305Painting II00000
CHEM 100Consumer Chemistry00000
AFLT 365Instrument Flight Instructor Ground School00000
CHEM 431Physical Chemistry I00000
ANSI 445Physiology of Domestic Animals00000
AVMT 306Aircraft Non-Metal Structures00000
AFLT 430Crew Resource Management00000
BHSC 230Research Methods I: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences00000
ANTH 600Seminar in Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 221Anatomy and Physiology I00000
BIBL 342Hebrew II00000
ARCH 316History of Architecture II00000
BIOL 415Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinfo00000
AGRI 394Internship & Career Preparation00000
BIOL 495Indep Study/Rdgs/Rsrch00000
ARCH 469Integrative Design II00000
BIOL 577Neurobiology00000
AFLT 322Flight Training 600000
BSAD 210Small Business Management00000
ART 105Painting I00000
BSAD 467International Management00000
ANEA 640Research, Method And Theory In Archaeology00000
BSAD 545International Business Management00000
ART 496Portfolio Development00000
CHEM 195Independent Research I00000
AFLT 110Basic Aircraft Systems00000
CHEM 410Forensic Chemistry00000
AVIA 395Practicum00000
CHEM 442Physical Chemistry Lab II00000
AFLT 415Human Factors In Aviation00000
AVMT 226Engine Fuel Metering Systems00000
ANTH 124Introduction To Anthropology00000
AVMT 314Aircraft Propellers and Engine Inspections00000
AFLT 122Flight Training 200000
BHSC 100Phil of Service&Civ Engagement00000
ANTH 440Top:What is Other?00000
BHSC 438Wrkshp: MASAL00000
AGRI 118Soil Sciences00000
BIBL 212Greek II00000
ARCH 150Intro to Architecture00000
BIOL 166LFound of Biology Lab00000
BIOL 110Principles of Biology00000
ARCH 215Intro to Design Studio00000
BIOL 280Biostatistics & Research Dsgn00000
AGRI 335Reseach Methods00000
BIOL 371Genetics00000
ARCH 336Environmental Technology II00000
BIOL 449Historical & Philosophical Bio00000
AFLT 305Commercial Pilot Ground School00000
BIOL 475Biology Of Bacteria00000
ARCH 445Furniture Design00000
BIOL 530Molecular Laboratory Techniques00000
AGRI 467Concepts of International Agriculture00000
BIOL 564Systems Physiology00000
ARCH 499Independent Research00000
BIOL 590Top: Biostatistics00000
ACCT 610Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL 697Research in Biology00000
ARCH 594Practicum00000
BSAD 345Business and Society00000
ANEA 604History of the Ancient Near East00000
BSAD 410Entrepreneurship00000
ART 200Color Theory and Use00000
BSAD 487Internship:00000
AFLT 355Flight Instructor Ground Sch00000
BSAD 506Survey of Business Law00000
ART 485Senior Project00000
BSAD 670Management of Human Resources00000
ANSI 114Intro to Animal Science00000
CHEM 131General Chemistry I00000
ART 530Graphic Design Concepts00000
CHEM 231Organic Chemistry I00000
ACCT 455Acct for Not-for-Profit Org00000
CHEM 375Top: Chemistry Seminar00000
AVIA 200Aviation Forum00000
CHEM 415Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
ANSI 435Animal Genetics00000
AVMT 116Federal Regulations, Publications, Forms and Records00000
ACCT 205Accounting for Decision Making and Control00000
ACCT 476Accounting Information Systems00000
AFLT 227Flight Training 400000
AGRI 240Fundamentals of Irrigation00000
ARCH 202Construction II00000
BIOL 165Foundations of Biology00000