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AMSC Course Reviews

Atlanta Metropolitan State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 1107Principles of Biology I00000
BUSA 1150Customer Service & Negotiation00000
MATH 0996Support for Elem. Statistics00000
RELI 2211Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Lit00000
MUSC 1100Music Appreciation00000
GFA 2020Lighting & Electric00000
BIOL 4005Undergraduate Research III00000
BUSA 4102Financing New Business Venture00000
MATH 3100Abstract Algebra00000
CHEM 1212Principles of Chemistry II00000
POLS 4217Grant Writing Nonprofit Organi00000
ORGL 3050Reflect Sem 11: Self in Contex00000
ENVS 2202Environmental Science00000
SPAN 1002Elementary Spanish II00000
BUSA 2106The Environment of Business00000
BIOL 3009Comparative Anatomy00000
HADM 3301Health Care Organizations00000
BLAB 1102Introductory Biology Lab II00000
BIOL 4003Undergraduate Research II00000
BUSA 4010Contemp Business Issues/Practi00000
BUSA 4490Strategic Business Management00000
MATH 4650Advanced Differential Equation00000
BIOL 4205Biochemistry00000
OREN 1000Online Orientation00000
CISM 3101Management Information Systems00000
POLS 2401Global Issues00000
PHED 2105Concepts of Health and Safety00000
EDUC 2110Inv Critical and Contemp Issue00000
PSYC 2101Intro to Psyc of Adjustment00000
BLAB 4011Vertebrate Physiology Lab00000
SJUS 4000Social Justice Culture00000
FTA 4001Foundations of FinTech00000
ARTS 1100Art Appreciation00000
BIOL 3114Principles of Immunology00000
BIOL 2225Invertebrate Zoology00000
GFA 3140GFA Post Prod/AVID ProTools 100000
BIOL 3205Biostatistics00000
BUSA 3114Business Statistics00000
BIOL 4203Neurobiology00000
HIST 1112World Civilization II00000
BLAB 3011Principles of Microbiology Lab00000
BIOL 2215KFundamentals of Microbio & Lab00000
BUSA 3203Human Resource Management00000
MATH 1128Discrete Mathematics00000
CLAB 1211Principles of Chemistry Lab I00000
BIOL 4011KVertebrae Physiology00000
MATH 3600Mathematics Statistics I00000
CHEM 1152Survey of Chemistry II00000
MCOM 1100Film Appreciation00000
BIOL 2241KHuman Anatomy and Phys & Lab I00000
OATC 3700Desktop Publishing00000
CHEM 2242KOrganic Chemistry II00000
ORGL 2100Writing for Leadership00000
BIOL 4211KPrinciples of Genetics00000
ORGL 4690Organizational Leader Capstone00000
CLAB 2241Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
PLAB 1112Introductory of Physics Lab II00000
PHYS 1111Introductory Physics I00000
CRJU 2230Interpersonal Relations in Law00000
POLS 4202Interorganizational Behavior00000
BLAB 2242Hum Anatomy and Physio Lab II00000
POLS 4220Administrative Law/Government00000
ENGL 2111World Literature I00000
PSYC 2212African American Psychology00000
BIOL 3011KPrinciples of Microbiology00000
RESC 101Reserved Upward BoundClassroom00000
FILM 2550Grip & Rigging00000
SOCI 1160Intro to Social Problems00000
BUSA 1105Introduction to Business00000
ACCT 2101Principles of Accounting I00000
FTA 4100Intro. to Info. Sec.for FinTec00000
BIOL 1101Introductory Biology I00000
BIOL 1108KPrinciples of Biology II00000
BIOL 2203Botany I00000
GFA 2050Intro to Special Makeup Effect00000
BIOL 2242KHum Anatomy and Phys & Lab II00000
BUSA 3105Business Communication00000
BIOL 3111KField Ecology00000
GSCI 1101General Science I00000
BIOL 4000KMolecular Biology00000
BIOL 4000Molecular Biology00000
BIOL 4011Vertebrate Physiology00000
HADM 3304Health Care Communications00000
BIOL 4211Principles of Genetics00000
BUSA 3213Strategies for Entrepreneurs00000
BLAB 2225Invertebrate Zoology Lab00000
HUMA 1102African American Culture00000
BLAB 4209Biotechnology Lab00000
BIOL 1011KIntroduction to Biology00000
BUSA 2313Selling and Sales Management00000
MATH 1101Mathematical Modeling00000
BUSA 3206Production/Operations Mgmt00000
BUSA 4117Man. of International Business00000
MATH 2201Analytic Geometry & Calculus I00000
ACCT 2102Principles of Accounting II00000
BIOL 1102Introductory Biology II00000
BIOL 3003Marine Biology00000
BLAB 1108Principles of Biology Lab II00000
CRJU 1105Intro to Law Enforcement00000
PHYS 2211KPrinciples of Physics I00000