Alcorn Course Reviews

Alcorn State University

BI 462Environment Policy00000
BT 600Internship in Biotechnology00000
BA 233Business Computer Applications00000
BI 390Environmental Biology00000
BI 112Introduction to Biology II00000
AS 478Seminar in Animal Science00000
BI 547Field Biology and Ecology00000
AN 315Prin. & Phil of Teach Voc. Ed00000
BA 433Business Inf. Systems00000
AR 214Art Appreciation00000
BI 326Intro to Pharmacology00000
BI 125LGeneral Biology I Lab00000
AS 353Introduction to Nutrition00000
BI 425LPrin Immunology Laboratory00000
AE 612Thesis00000
BI 507Adv Cellular & Molecular Bio00000
AS 610Thesis Research I00000
BT 500Biotechnology Research Seminar00000
AE 214Ag Finance00000
CD 320Guidance of Young Children00000
AN 500Administration of Agri. Ed.00000
BA 499Bus Adm Comprehensive Seminar00000
AE 356Mkt Ag Prod Coop Ag00000
BI 121LGeneral Zoology I Laboratory00000
AS 111Poultry Production00000
BI 318Field Biology and Ecology00000
BI 191LHonors Biology I Lab00000
AS 323Livestock Disease & Sanit. I00000
BI 336Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
AE 515Economics of Consumer Behavior00000
BI 403Mycology00000
AS 433Physiology of Reproduction00000
BI 446Histology00000
AC 688Financial Statement & Analysis00000
BI 482Applied Physiology00000
AS 533Physio & Anat of Farm Animals00000
BI 526Advanced Pharmacology00000
AG 458Special Problems inAgriculture00000
BI 599Thesis I00000
BA 133Business Computer Appli. I00000
BT 545Lab Method Tissue Cell Culture00000
AC 355Cost Accounting00000
CD 280Issues and Trends00000
BA 303International Business00000
CD 347Infant Development00000
AE 325Farm Rec and Acct00000
BA 490Business Internship00000
AN 511Youth Org.& Program Management00000
BA 620Managerial Economics Analysis00000
AC 386Income Tax Accounting II00000
BI 113LIntrod. Env. Biology/Ecol Lab00000
AS 103LPoultry Production Lab00000
BI 122General Zoology II00000
AE 463Agri Statistics00000
BI 126General Biology II00000
AS 213LAnimal Production Lab00000
BI 310LFresh Water Fishes MS Lab00000
BI 215Comparative Anatomy00000
AS 303Livestock Judging00000
BI 324LBotany Laboratory00000
AE 508Rural Economic and Comm Dev00000
BI 328Analysis & Critical Thinking I00000
AS 343Physio & Anat of Farm Animals00000
BI 348LPlant Physiology00000
AC 680Managerial Ac Analysis00000
BI 400Evolution00000
AS 413Animal Nutrition00000
BI 420LMedical Microbiology Lab00000
AE 601Spe Prob Ag Economics00000
BI 445LGenetics Laboratory00000
AS 440Internship00000
BI 450Seminar00000
AC 315Intermediate Accounting I00000
BI 468Kinesiology00000
AS 503Meat Science00000
BI 503Mycology00000
AG 316LFarm Mechanics Laboratory00000
BI 522Natural Hist of Animal Kingdom00000
AS 553Physiology of Reproduction00000
BI 531Advanced Invertebrate Zoology100000
AE 111Fundamentals & Concepts in Ag.00000
BI 590Adv. Environmental Biology00000
AS 612Thesis00000
BM 401Bio-Med Instrumentatio Systems00000
AG 610Thesis I00000
BT 540Molecular Genetics00000
BA 201Professional Development I00000
BT 570BBiotechnology Techniques00000
AB 491Agribusiness Management00000
CD 201Human Development00000
BA 239Business Ethics00000
CD 317Early Intervention00000
AN 320Leadership00000
BA 376Business Communications00000
AB 392Agribusiness Marketing00000
AB 604Agribusiness Int. Trade00000
AC 478Auditing00000
AE 475Prod Economics00000
AS 216Swine Production00000
BI 300Biological Chemistry00000