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Alcorn Course Reviews

Alcorn State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GP 201Study Abroad/Sophomore Level I00000
NU 402LNurs Care Clients Exp Acute00000
EG 305Mechanics of Machines00000
FN 332Health Education & Promotion00000
EN 403Literary Theory & Criticism II00000
ED 539Math Concepts & Experiences00000
MU 510Music Pedagogy & Techniques00000
CT 320Microprocessor I00000
EN 351Technical Writing00000
ED 351Managing Classroom00000
FI 636International Finance00000
EN 530Literary Genres00000
ED 514Methods of Education Research00000
FN 485Pro. Scientific Writing00000
CS 533Database Management Systems00000
GT 313State and Local Government00000
ED 619Basic Skill in Reading00000
NU 335Clinical Nurs Care Client Expe00000
CS 202Introduction to Programming00000
NU 423LLeadership Strategies in Nursi00000
ED 302Seminar/Integrating Technology00000
EN 360Special Topics in Literature I00000
CS 370Advanced Prog. in Unix Envir.00000
EN 457Creative Writing00000
ED 405Research in Reading00000
FI 530Survey of Finance00000
FI 305Financial Institutions00000
ED 498Teaching Reading in Sec School00000
FN 323Principles of Epidemiology00000
CS 490Senior Project in Comp Science00000
FN 426Health Disparities00000
ED 525Meth. & Mat. Teach Reading00000
FT 204Beginning Plyometric00000
CO 521Mass Comm Law & Policy00000
GP 401Global Research Experiences00000
ED 584Educational Internship II00000
GT 347Political Theory00000
CS 546Network Systems II00000
NU 218Client Centered Care II00000
EG 203Intro Engineerig & Appl Sci00000
NU 342Health Assessment00000
CO 410Workshop in Mass Comm00000
NU 420Community Health Nursing00000
EN 333Studies in the Short Story00000
NU 429Seminar00000
CS 321Data Structure & Algorithms00000
EN 355Practicum in Tutoring I00000
ED 320Diagn & Corrective Procedures00000
EN 362Prose Analysis00000
CO 448Advanced Broadcast Journalism00000
EN 455Practicum in Tutoring III00000
ED 401Praxis I00000
EN 485Best Prectices in Teach Eng II00000
CS 401PC Architecture00000
ET 101Educational Technology00000
ED 435Science for Children00000
FI 478Real Estate Valuation & Apprai00000
FI 409Financial Management00000
ED 468Directed Teaching (Secondary)00000
FI 632Financial Institutions00000
CS 480Advanced Programming in Java00000
FN 210Careers & Ethics in FNCHS00000
ED 507Diagnostic Procedures in Readi00000
FN 330Multicultural & Global Helath00000
CO 481Integrated Communication Mgt.00000
FN 400Health, Nutrition & Diseases00000
ED 519Basic Skills in Reading00000
FN 451Practicum00000
CS 523Programming Languages00000
FT 201Begin. Cardio Fitness Tonin00000
ED 527Measurment/Evaluation00000
GC 103Survival Skills II00000
CO 371Advanced Photography00000
GP 302Study Abroad/Junior Level II00000
ED 582Issues, Trends, & Innov. in Re00000
GS 494General Sciences for Elem. Tea00000
CS 541Software Engineering00000
GT 327Judicial Process00000
ED 602Introduction to Res. Methods00000
GT 400Politics of Afro-Americans00000
CO 550Research Methods in Mass Comm00000
ND 428Medical Nutrition Therapy II00000
ED 625Stud. in Teaching of Elem Read00000
NU 331LFundam Client Care Intro Prof00000
CS 580Research Project00000
NU 337Nur Care Clients Exp Psy Alter00000
EG 302Dynamics00000
NU 352LAdult Health Care I Lab00000
CO 358Advanced Broadcast Production00000
NU 404LTransition Professional Nurs00000
EG 314Mechanics of Materials00000
NU 421LNursing Oriented to Psy Functi00000
EC 201Principles of Economics I00000
EN 347Southern Literature00000
CD 302Child Care Administration00000
CO 370Publication Design00000
CO 462Principles of Advertising00000
CS 454Web Applications & E-Commerce00000
ED 452Elementary Curriculum K-600000
FI 425Investments00000