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AHC Course Reviews

Allan Hancock College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ESL 531Reading Skills 100000
GEOL 141Environmental Geology00000
DANC 110Beginning Modern Dance00000
ENGL 145British Lit to 180000000
ECON 130Consumer and Family Finance00000
CSCT 8026Pharmacy Technician Cert.00000
FCS 144Historic Fashion/Costume00000
CBIS 371Intro to Excel00000
DANC 183Dance Ensemble00000
CFK 8004Intermediate/Advanced Ballet00000
EMS 401EMT 1 (Basic) Refresher00000
ECS 122Positive Child Guidance00000
CITZ 7000BPreparation for Citizenship00000
ENTR 101Intro to Entrepreneurship00000
CA 123Principles of Foods 200000
ET 160Digital Tools in Architecture00000
CSPD 8090Day of the Dead Makeup Class00000
FILM 125Computer Video Editing00000
BUS 121Business Economics00000
GRPH 362Applied Design Graphics Lab 300000
CBOT 337Presentation Design-PowerPoint00000
DISA 7002AVocational Skills Training00000
BUS 360Introduction to Supervision00000
ECS 112Intro Young Child with Sp Nds00000
CFK 8017Intro to Hip-Hop & Jazz Funk00000
EL 333Intro to Network Security00000
ECS 313Science for Young Children00000
CFK 8400Beginning Tennis00000
ENGL 108Literary Arts Journal 200000
BUS 386Business Resume Writing00000
ENGL 513Writing Skills 300000
CS 112Fundamentals of Programming 200000
ENVT 450HAZWOPER Refresher 8hr00000
BIOL 154General Botany00000
ESL 544Advanced Conversation for ESL00000
CSHE 8030Authentic Tamale Making00000
FCS 109Basic Nutrition for Health00000
CBIS 108Networking and Administration00000
FILM 105Film and Television Writing I00000
DA 326Dental Radiography00000
FT 363Low Angle Rescue00000
BASK 7005BPreparing for the GED Tests00000
GRPH 118User Interface Design00000
DANC 137Funk Dance00000
HIST 101World Civilizations to 160000000
BUS 302Essentials of Management00000
DANC 199BLyrical Dance00000
CFK 8000Beginning Ballet I00000
DRMA 111History World Theatre 2 40381 DRMA 111 A00000
BASK 7011ABasic Math00000
ECS 104Principles and Practices00000
CFK 8009Advanced Ballet/Pointe00000
ECS 117Teaching the Hispanic Child00000
BUS 366Promoting a Small Business00000
ECS 150Admin II Pers Leader in ECE00000
CFK 8030Int/Adv Contemporary Dance00000
EL 125Digital Devices & Circuits00000
EDUC 132Child Identity and Learning00000
CFK 8055Strength & Endurance for Dance00000
EMS 199Topics in EMS Training00000
BUS 377Managing Service Quality00000
ENGL 102Freshman Comp: Literature00000
CHEM 140Intro Organic Chemistry00000
ENGL 130American Lit to 186500000
BIOL 124Human Anatomy00000
ENGL 307Writing Across Curriculum I00000
COS 304Advanced Cosmetology00000
ENGR 126Matlab for Science/Engineering00000
CA 118Beverage Management00000
ENVT 155Respiratory Protection-Admin00000
CSCT 8006Loan Signing Specialist00000
ENVT 457FRO Decontamination00000
ATH 104Care/Prevention-Ath Injuries00000
ESL 537Intermediate Reading for ESL00000
CSFT 8005Swim Lab00000
ET 100Computer-Aided Drafting00000
CA 129Catering & Events Management00000
FASH 102Fashion Design Analysis00000
CSPD 8008Awaking the Consciousness00000
FCS 131Life Management00000
BUS 104Business Organization & Mgmt00000
FILM 102Hollywood & the American Film00000
DA 314Introduction to Bio-Dental Sci00000
FILM 1173D Computer Animation 100000
CBIS 310Info Security Awareness for Bu00000
FILM 128Intermediate Motion Graphics00000
DA 332RDA Law and Ethics00000
GEOG 102Human Geography00000
AT 300Shop Math and Measurement00000
GRPH 113Digital Illustration00000
DANC 130Beginning Jazz00000
GRPH 129Digital Tools for Visual Media00000
CBOT 302Records Management00000
DANC 152Beginning Tap00000
ANTH 105Language and Culture00000
AT 341Fuel Injection/Turbocharging00000
BASK 7013High School Equivalency Exam P00000
BUS 372Workplace Diversity00000
CFK 8047Youth Dance Company00000
EL 109Networking Essentials 400000