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AAMU Course Reviews

Alabama A&M University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CMG 308Soil Mech & Foundats00000
CS 215Data Structures00000
BIO 524Mycology00000
CHE 401LPhysical Chemistry Lab00000
CDS 301Career Development Seminar00000
BIO 223Intro to Environmental Health00000
COMM 321News and Documentary Tech00000
ART 340Intro to Digital Imaging00000
BIO 633Endocrinology00000
ART 412Origins of Modern Art00000
CHE 251Organic Chemistry I00000
CE 404Hydraulic Engineering & Design00000
BIO 203General Botany I00000
CHE 512Energy From Chemistry00000
ART 300M/M Teach Art in Ele School00000
COMM 202Fundamentals of Television Pro00000
BIO 431LPrinciples of Immunology00000
CRJ 254Introduction to Corrections00000
AMD 404LAdvanced Clothing & Design00000
CS 410Seminar00000
ART 405Renaissance Art00000
BIO 649Advanced Genetics I00000
AMD 422Fashion Merchandise Study Tour00000
CE 308LSoil Mechanic Lab00000
BES 121Introduction to Plant Biotech00000
CHE 102LGeneral Chemistry Lab II00000
CE 480Special Topics00000
BIO 103LPrinciples of Biology Lab00000
CHE 303Inorganic Chemistry00000
ART 211Color Theory00000
CHE 408Biochemistry00000
BIO 205LEcology Lab00000
CMG 110Blu Print & Construction Plans00000
AMD 303Fashion Merchandising I00000
CMG 420Internship00000
BIO 340LEmbryology Lab00000
COMM 216Oral Interpretation00000
ART 313Water Color Painting00000
COMM 441Special Topics in Speech00000
BIO 490Biology Internship00000
CRJ 450Criminal Procedures00000
ACC 441Auditing00000
CS 381Computer Organization00000
BIO 571Plant Anatomy and Physiology00000
CS 425Theory of Algorithms00000
AMD 419Merchandising & Design Seminar00000
BIO 642Advanced Cell Physiology00000
ART 407Advertising Illustration00000
BIO 692Research00000
ACC 461Seminar in Intl Accounting00000
CE 304Environmental Engineering00000
ART 430Advanced Graphic Design I00000
CE 372Soil Mech & Foundation -UAH00000
AMD 650New Dir in Textiles & Clothing00000
CE 424CE Practice00000
BES 400Biotechnology Apprenticeship00000
CHE 101HHonors General Chemistry I00000
CE 504Hydraulic Engineering Design00000
BIO 102LGeneral Biology Lab00000
CHE 221Analytical Chemistry00000
ART 1112D Design00000
CHE 252Organic Chemistry II00000
BIO 201LInvertebrate Zoology Lab00000
CHE 330Environmental Chemistry00000
AMD 203LConsumer Aspects of Clothing00000
CHE 404LResearch in Chemistry00000
BIO 204LGeneral Botany Lab00000
CHE 412Organometallic Chemistry00000
ART 230Graphic Design I00000
CHN 401Studies in Chinese00000
BIO 221LHuman Anatomy & Physiol Lab I00000
CMG 225Computer Application For Const00000
ACC 351Federal Tax Accounting I00000
CMG 325Computer App in Construction00000
BIO 330LMicrobiology Lab00000
CMG 461Capstone Project Phase ll00000
ART 309Figure Drawing00000
COMM 213Digital Broadcasting00000
BIO 411Cell and Molecular Biology00000
COMM 302Film- Production00000
AMD 308Visual Merchandising00000
COMM 402Practicum II00000
BIO 434LPrinciples of Physiology00000
CPE 323Intro to Embedded Cmp Sys(UAH)00000
ART 320Fund of Print: Relief & Intagl00000
CRJ 356Police Administration00000
BIO 512Instrument Biological Sci00000
CS 109Intro to Programming II00000
ACC 301Intermediate Accounting I00000
CS 314Advanced Program00000
BIO 534Advanced Physiology II00000
CS 403Senior Problem00000
ART 401Advanced Technical Problems00000
BIO 625Medical Mycology Lecture00000
ACC 203Introduction to Accounting I00000
ACC 307Accounting Info Sys(UAH Visit)00000
AMD 104LAesthetics in FCS00000
ART 101HArt Appreciation Honors00000
BIO 101HHonors General Biology I & Lab00000
CE 510Tra Eng Des00000