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A State Course Reviews

Arkansas State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 4613Conservation Biology00000
BIO 6196Internship In Biotechnology00000
AT 3743Therapeutic Exercise00000
BIO 4213Human Genetics00000
BIO 680VInd Eviron Mgmt And Policies00000
ARTH 2603Global Art And Visual Literacy00000
BIO 5352Mammalogy00000
AGST 4003Modern Irrigation Systems00000
AT 6103Medical Assessment00000
ANSC 1612Intermediate Western Equitation00000
BIO 4021Biological Seminar00000
BIO 2221Human Anatomy And Physiology Lab II00000
ART 3453Motion Graphics00000
BIO 4382Parasitology00000
AGRI 4433Organic Agriculture Production00000
BIO 5113Immunology00000
ARTH 4603Art Of The 20Th Century00000
BIO 5542Mycology00000
AGEC 4013Farm Appraisal00000
BIO 6903Animal Ecophysiology00000
AGST 5501Agricultural Decision Analysis00000
BCOM 3573Managerial Communication00000
AGEC 5043Land Economics00000
BIO 2011Biology Of The Cell Laboratory00000
ANSC 3653Meat Science And Processing00000
BIO 3323Animal Physiology00000
BIO 3223Human Structure And Function I00000
ANTH 3233Native American Culture In The Mid South00000
BIO 4113Immunology00000
AGED 4462Agricultural Youth Organizations00000
BIO 4342Animal Histology Laboratory00000
ART 4331Senior Exhibition00000
BIO 4513Plant Physiology00000
AE 5523Psychology Of The Adult00000
BIO 4823Natural History Collections Research Design00000
ARTH 3573History Of Graphic Design00000
BIO 5302Aquatic Entomology Laboratory00000
AGRI 6361Seminar Grant Proposals00000
BIO 5412Herpetology00000
AT 2883Foundations Of Athletic Training00000
BIO 5704Plant Systematics00000
ACCT 4163Estate Planning And Taxation00000
BIO 6352Natural History Of The Vertebrates Laboratory00000
AT 5203Athletic Traniing Techniques00000
BIOL 1063People And The Environment00000
AGEC 4083Agricultural Policy And Current Issues00000
AT 6703Pharmacology For The Athletic Trainer00000
AGST 6543Geospatial Data And Models00000
BIO 504VSpt Freshwater Mussel W Lab00000
ACCT 5113Tax Accounting II00000
BIO 1301Biology Of Animals Laboratory00000
ANSC 2623Equine Health And Management00000
BIO 2101Microbiology For Nursing And Allied Health Laboratory00000
AGEC 6023Advanced International Agribusiness And Food Marketing00000
BIO 3023Principles Of Ecology00000
ANSC 4623Beef Cattle Production00000
BIO 3311Economic Entomology Laboratory00000
BIO 3241Physical Diagnosis00000
ANSC 5943Equine Reproduction And Management00000
BIO 3673Human Dimensions Of Natural Resources00000
AGED 3433Agricultural Equipment Hydraulic Systems00000
BIO 4053Applications In Biotechnology00000
ART 3403Photography00000
BIO 4131Cell Biology Laboratory00000
AD 3033Advertising Elements And Execution00000
BIO 4323Biology Of Marine Mammals00000
ART 4063Advanced Painting00000
BIO 4363Mammalian Neurobiology00000
AGRI 3233Applied Agricultural Statistics00000
BIO 4403Comparative Vertebrate Reproduction00000
ART 4473Advanced Web Studio00000
BIO 4551Medical Mycology Laboratory00000
ACCT 4033Accounting Information Systems00000
BIO 4651Wildlife Management Laboratory00000
ARTH 3053Medieval And Renaissance Art And Architcture00000
BIO 5043Biometry00000
AGRI 6203Intermediary Metabolism00000
BIO 5143Pharmacology00000
ARTH 4503History Of Photography00000
BIO 5333Marine Biology00000
AGEC 3013Decision Tools For Agribusiness00000
BIO 5382Parasitology00000
ARTH 4693Contemporary Art 1970 To Present00000
BIO 5444Wildlife Population Modeling00000
AGST 2003Intro To Ag Systems Technology00000
BIO 5611Radiation Safety00000
AT 3411Clinical Experience In Athletic Training IV00000
BIO 6003Scientific Methods And Research Design00000
ACCT 2033Introduction To Financial Accounting00000
BIO 6321Insect Taxonomy Laboratory00000
AT 4401Clinical Instruction In Athletic Training Vi00000
BIO 6601Environmental Systems Analysis Laboratory00000
AGST 4543Advanced Gis For Agriculture And Natural Resources00000
AT 5603Orthopedic Assessment I Lower Extremity00000
ACCT 430VSpecial Problems In Accounting00000
ACCT 3033Intermediate Accounting III00000
ACCT 6073Seminar In Financial Accounting Theory00000
AGED 1403Basic Agricultural Mechanics00000
ANSC 4943Equine Reproduction And Management00000
BIO 3301General Entomology Laboratory00000